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Techne Kirow

We at ALP have also been dealing with industrial coatings for more than 10 years. The products from MIPA SE are an excellent basis for countless applications for machines, systems or any other technology. Also for railway and metallurgical technology of a very special kind, for example from Techne Kirow - the world market leader for railway cranes. And what belongs together comes together: reliability, operational safety, durability and longevity combined with competence and a customer-oriented service concept. ALP and Techne Kirov – that fits.

Portrait Johannes Roewe

MakeUp für unsere Schwermaschinen

We primarily purchase industrial paints for our heavy machinery as well as all the thinners, tools and accessories required for this from Autolack Petzold GmbH. We chose the company because the great expertise at ALP helps us to respond professionally and quickly to the ever new requirements that our custom-made products bring with them. Our machines always receive their external make-up from ALP and feel comfortable with it ;-)

Johannes Roewe, Managing Director

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